Sinus Problems

Your sinuses are spaces in the bones of the face and head connected to the nose and are an important component of how we breathe through the nose. When the sinuses are working properly then you probably won’t even be aware of them but if they become inflamed, infected or blocked it can develop into a condition called sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis include a feeling of pressure or congestion in the face, a blocked or runny nose, headaches and loss of the sense of smell. Mr Pratap will perform a thorough examination to diagnose sinusitis and suggest effective medical treatments. However, in the case of persistent or severely troublesome sinusitis is might be necessary to have sinus surgery.

Mr Pratap also uses a new balloon technology to open and help sinuses drain and relieve pressure and congestion which can be performed as a day case and you can return to work the next day (compared to weeks after traditional sinus surgery). Just ask Mr Pratap if this is appropriate for you.